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Disinfection Services

From COVID-19 to everyday disinfection cleaning, we have you covered.

The professionals at EC have been providing disinfection services for over 50 years. COVID-19 might be a new virus to the world; however, we at EC can keep you and your staff safe by providing top-notch disinfection services. Let us focus on your high touch point surfaces so you can focus on your business.

  • Light switches
  • Door handles/Entry points
  • Restroom faucets
  • Elevator buttons
  • Break rooms
  • Conference areas
  • Copy/Print stations
  • High touch point cleaning & disinfecting
  • Electrostatic disinfecting services
  • Enhanced cleaning during operational hours

Cleaning and disinfecting infectious disease is what we do!


Proven quality control for over six decades.

Our Quality Assurance Program monitors five critical areas:

  • Inspection Reports
  • Quality Control Reports
  • Personal Visits
  • Customer Requests
  • Accountability

Find us in your neighborhood.

Our commitment to consistency in our community impacts every area of our service. That’s why our customers can depend on us.

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