General Commercial Cleaning

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Our Cleaning System is engineered to consistently produce a sanitized and healthy environment

For more than 50 years, Environment Control has made consistency our trademark.  Our commitment to continually improve, along with our history of exceptional systems, leadership, and support give you the confidence we do what we say.
As one of the largest providers of commercial cleaning service in the nation, we have developed a comprehensive program to consistently meet your needs.  Here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect from our proven cleaning system:
  • Systematic Employee Selection and Training
    • Qualified employees are the foundation of consistent service.  Our aggressive personnel program finds and systematically trains them to assure our high cleaning standards.
  • Technical Expertise
    • Commercial cleaning has moved past the “mop and bucket.”  Consistent quality requires state-of-the-art equipment, supplies, and compliance with OSHA regulations. Our ongoing technical research provides the right equipment, cleaning techniques, and protection.
  • A Robust Quality Assurance Program including:
    • Inspection Reports
      • We regularly verify the quality of our work after the cleaning is complete. This reporting is shared with you and archived for our records.
    • Quality Control Reports
      • We ask our customers to rate the quality of our service each quarter.  This rating provides objective feedback regarding your individual satisfaction.
    • Personal Visits
      • We take the initiative to visit each building during office hours to discuss your needs.
    • Customer Requests
      • We electronically track our customer communication and requests to ensure timely completion.
    • Accountability
      • We record and review each of the above categories with both management and cleaners to confirm consistent service excellence.