Grounds Maintenance

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Do you want your property to radiate a clean and attractive first impression? Our team is professionally trained to give you those crisp edges, straight cuts, and hardscapes blown free of debris for a consistently manicured appearance.

EC’s three-pronged system for producing dependable, consistently high-quality service for our clients includes: 

  1. SYSTEMATIC EMPLOYEE SELECTION AND TRAINING - Qualified employees are the foundation of consistent service.  Our aggressive personnel program finds and systematically trains them to assure our high standards. 

  2. TECHNICAL EXPERTISE - State-of-the-art equipment, supplies, and technical expertise are necessary for consistent quality.  We understand the requirements for optimal cultivation and turf management.  Our services include the management of appropriate irrigation, fertilization, cut length, remediation of undesirable weeds, and pre-emergent weed control – we catch them before they can be seen. 

  3. QUALITY ASSURANCE - Prompt communication is key to consistent satisfaction.  At Environment Control, we are committed to getting back to you in minutes rather than days.

    • Inspection Reporting. 
      • We regularly verify the quality of our work.  This reporting is shared with you and is archived for our records.  
    • Personal Visits.
      • We take the initiative to visit our clients during office hours to discuss your needs.
    • Client Feedback.
      • We invite our clients (on a voluntary basis) to rate the quality of service. This becomes a part of our employee and management evaluations.
    • Accountability.
      • We record and review each of the above categories with both management and technician to ensure consistent service excellence.

Services include:

  • Lawn management – mowing, aeration, and fertilization
  • Hedge, shrub, and border maintenance
  • Irrigation repair and water management
  • Tree pruning and fertilization
  • Curb line, walkway, and path maintenance
  • Debris removal